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If you would like to change the way you think or feel, NLP can help. It allows you to leave behind negative emotions, beliefs and thought patterns and to silence unhelpful self-talk. NLP will teach you to think positively, to be decisive and to see a clear path ahead. As you move forwards confidently and happily, NLP will help you to remain motivated, even if things get tough. It will also help you to understand others better and improve your relationships. 

NLP in the Northwest offers training courses from Foundation Diploma through to Master Practitioner and beyond in the heart of Lancashire. Trainers Chris and Glenda Grimsley pride themselves on delivering practical, value for money training which is accessible to all. Much of our course content is also available on DVD or from Vimeo on Demand. To find out how to bring positive change into your or others' lives, please browse through our site to learn more.

nlpnw class4We offer INLPTA certified NLP Training as well as other short NLP related courses. Video footage from many of our courses is available on DVD or to download from Vimeo On Demand.

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nlpnw heartOur Self Help Audio products use guided visualisations and carefully composed soundtracks which encourage relaxation, address problems, support and promote positivity and help restful sleep.

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nlpnw playOur Everyday NLP Introduction Video will tell you more about NLP and how it can be used in every day situations. Further videos share NLP tips to improve your life and relationships with others.

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I’d just like to let you know that NLP has quite honestly transformed my life. I can only liken it to the key that unlocked a completely new way of thinking - K.L.

My confidence and self esteem have soared - J.C.