The Happy Torch

A lovely example of using the analogy of a Torch beam for our conscious awareness to help a 5 year old feel happier at school. By Harriet Simpson, Speech and Language Therapist at the Language Tree.

“In my work as a Speech and Language Therapist, I work with many young children who have significant difficulties expressing their thoughts and their feelings. This can often lead to social isolation, and feelings of sadness…”

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Do you know what makes us tick?

Do you have some days when you are ‘on top of your game’, enthused, focused, working at your best?  And other times when its not like that, when life and work seems challenging and overwhelming?  The difference between the two isn’t just what is happening in the outside world.  It’s more to do with what we do on the inside. We can learn how to control what we’re doing, so we have more good days and fewer bad days.

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