Clean Language for Change

with Caitlin Walker

23th – 24th November 2013

 “The seeds to your healing are contained in the structure of your symptoms”


David Grove’s Metaphor Therapy and Clean Language process offer a powerful, content free approach to change. It can be added into any other set of change work skills: coaching, education, massage, equine therapy, organisational change, physiotherapy, police interviewing – the options are endless.

This workshop offers a ‘deep dive’ into Clean Language, using the questions for the purpose they were originally intended: therapeutic healing and sustainable change.

You can join Caitlin for this healing retreat as a client or as a participant/observer.


Caitlin will elicit a metaphoric representation of your symptom / issue and work with you as you explore and make sense of your metaphoric landscape, find insights and understanding, and discover new resources. Your metaphors have the same structure as your problems – they’re ‘isomorphic’ – as this exploration reveals the sub-conscious patterns that maintain the issue, the metaphor transforms. As the metaphor transforms so does your experience of the symptom, and you can incorporate the new learning into your whole being.


You’ll be able to observe the process live, ask Caitlin questions and then practice the process in groups of three and get in-the-moment coaching on your practice. You’ll also get to develop your own metaphor landscape in these sessions.

Caitlin Walker

Caitlin is a leading developer in this field and a close collaborator of David Grove’s. She has taken the work far beyond the boundaries of therapy and applies Clean Questions for the healing and development of groups, organisations and communities. This is a rare opportunity to observe her doing the work that originally inspired her to make Clean Practice the centre of her life and work.

There’ll be a balance between client sessions with three different clients, question and answer time and practice sessions for the observers to get a hands-on experience with the tools.

Observers should already be familiar with the nine basic Clean Language questions. Please join an introductory course if you’d like to learn the questions or to refresh your skills.

The DVD an Introduction to Clean Language and Systemic Modelling is another useful resource.

 Practical information:  Clean Language for Change, 23 – 24 November

Venue: The Sanctuary, Langho nr Blackburn

Times:             9.30 am until 5 pm

Cost:                £200

For further info about Caitlin’s work visit

Watch her TEDX talk about Clean Questions and metaphor Models at

For further information about the symbolic modelling process visit

Introductory Workshop, Saturday 9th  November   (for people with no previous experience)

Trainer:            Chris Grimsley                         Venue: East Lancashire – to be confirmed

Times:             10.00 am until 4.00 pm           Cost:    £70     

 To book a place

Either as a client or as an observer, email or ring Chris or Glenda on: or tel:  01282 694285